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Your AM to PM Routine For A Flatter Tummy

Your AM to PM Routine For A Flatter Tummy

Sometimes having a bulging tummy may be due to uncomfortable bloating and excess gas, and not because you’re gaining weight. We’re all too familiar with that uncomfortable feeling that creeps up after gobbling down a whole meal, or sometimes even at random timings! And yes, we hate it as much as you do babe. You’re definitely not alone on this journey and we’ve done some digging to create a whole AM to PM routine for you to beat that bloat!



Teatox Breakfast

28 Day Teatox

We love our detox teas that were made to combat that overly-indulged gassy gut. Have a glass of our Morning Boost Teatox first thing every morning, and Night Cleanse Teatox every other night for an all-rounded detox. Our 2-step Teatox is formulated with nothing but all-natural bloat relieving and weight-loss inducing ingredients such as Green Tea and Dandelion Leaf to naturally cleanse and flush out bloat-inducing toxins, to get you closer to that flat tummy. Pair a cup of our Morning Boost Teatox with a healthy low-cal breakfast to maximise its effects!



Elixir Lunch

Green Cleansing Elixir

Probiotics, aka the good bacteria in our digestive system, is often linked to its abilities to support gut-health and reducing the excess production of gas in our tummy. Try including a scoop of our Green Cleansing Elixir into your daily routine, as a pre-lunch snack, or even in your lunch itself for a wholesome meal! Packed with a diverse mix of active probiotic strains that specifically targets bloating, our resident Elixir is here to help improve digestion and flatten your tummy.


Take it even further and fully maximise your results by pairing our 28 Day Teatox and Green Cleansing Elixir, using our Super Cleanse bundle. As the 28 Day Teatox helps to flush out toxins from your body, our Green Cleansing Elixir supports your gut-health and reduces gas production with its active probiotics. This Super Cleanse duo is truly the one for all your debloating needs, you’re welcome!



Elixir Dinner

1. Bloat-free Dinner

Be more mindful of what you consume, and avoid foods that are often linked to excess gas and bloat. Many foods we unknowingly consume, that are often deemed as healthy and nutritious, may actually be the main culprits. Slowly eliminate these foods from your diet to see which is the main cause of your bloat, while also incorporating them into a balanced low-cal meal for that debloated flat tummy!


Teatox Stroll


2. Light Exercises

We know the temptation to sneak in some Netflix time right after dinner is real, especially with that restless post-dinner slum. But pick yourself up and get moving! Getting in some light exercise after dinner, even something as simple as a quick 15 mins stroll, can help reduce bloating and improve your digestion! If you’re up for it, squeeze in a quick 10 mins abs workout to help hit your flat tummy goals.


Teatox Bedtime

3. A Good Night's Sleep

Last, but certainly not least, having a healthy sleep cycle with quality sleep is extremely important for a healthy gut. Having sufficient quality sleep is essential in boosting our immune system, to protect our body from inflammations, such as an inflammation of your bowels, which has been linked to a result of insufficient sleep. Have a glass of our Night Cleanse before going to bed to wind down for a good night’s sleep, and wake up feeling bloat-free!


The Main Takeaway

Super Cleanse Takeaway

Suffering from a huge and uncomfortable bloated tummy is an extremely common occurrence that thankfully can be easily taken care of! Simply incorporate powerful all-natural supplements, such as our Super Cleanse bundle, which consists of the perfect debloat duo - our 28 Day Teatox and Green Cleansing Elixir! The Super Cleanse bundle works wonders when taken together, as it not only cleanses, but also provides your body with essential active probiotics, which reduces bloat and gives you that flatter tummy.