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Up to 50% OFF + Free collagen gummies worth $52.90 with minimum spends $80

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Which tea is right for me?

Which tea is right for me?

Everyone has a different goal, so it’s only natural that we’ve got a variety of teas to cater to your needs! Match your lifestyle and eating habits to find your perfect tea!

Tropic Tone Up

Lifestyle: Active with moderate exercise

Eating habits: Generally healthy and clean eater

Try: Tropic Tone Up

When to drink: After your morning workout

During a workout you typically lose water, electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium, as well as water soluble vitamins such as Vit B and C. Yellow super fruits such as pineapple, mango and papaya in this tea blend replenish what you’ve lost to help your post workout recovery.

28 Day Ultimate Teatox

Lifestyle: Busy, with little or no time to exercise

Eating habits: Lots of fast food, instant food

Try: 28 Day Ultimate Teatox

When to drink: Morning Boost before breakfast, Night Cleanse 30 mins before going to bed

Kickstart your metabolism for the day with a cup of Morning Boost to perk yourself up. Our customers typically find themselves having more energy to exercise a few days into the program. Night Cleanse is an amazing blend that helps to reduce bloat and give you an all-natural cleanse especially after an unhealthy meal.

Detox Cherry Bomb

Lifestyle: Always tired and lethargic

Eating habits: Not enough fruits and veggies

Try: Detox Cherry Bomb

When to drink: Before breakfast or with lunch

Replace your morning coffee with a healthier all-natural alternative. Kickstart your day or power through your afternoon with a cup of Detox Cherry Bomb. This unique blend filled with red super fruits like cherry and pomegranate not only tastes refreshing, it also contains antioxidants and more than half your daily Vitamin C needs.

Night Cleanse

Lifestyle: Spends most of the time sitting and working at your desk

Eating habits: Eat whenever I remember to

Try: Night Cleanse

When to drink: Every other evening 30 mins before bed

Spending long hours sitting at your desk working can result in you feeling bloated, especially with irregular meal times. Night Cleanse is formulated with all-natural ingredients that help to reduce bloat, and it works its detox magic while you are sleeping.