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What to Expect When You're Doing a Detox

What to Expect When You're Doing a Detox

It’s fair to say by now that we are detox Crazed! And for good reason too, I mean, girl have you seen what a good Detox can do?! We may not feel it, but our bodies are under constant attack from toxins in our surrounding environment & from what we consume. Often even our bodies show signs that it needs a detox. That’s why it’s crucial to go on a detox every now and then to flush out the bad gunk by filling our bodies with all the good nutrients. Check out the steps we take to Detox the Right Way.

Okay so we’re not gonna lie and tell you that the detox process is all rainbows because it’s not and it’s different for everyone, BUT we promise you at the end of the day, it’s all worth it! So to help you prep yourself for a good detox, we’ve made a list of what to expect, both the good and the bad.

Benefits you can expect from a Detox: 

1. Feeling Energized

Feeling Energized & Teatox

Completing a proper detox pumps in the needed nutrition into your body, which restores vitality and boosts your energy levels. You’ll wake up feeling lighter, more alive, happy and full of energy. However, it’s important to detox the right way so that your body gets the essential nutrients without leaving you feeling bloated. We recommend the 28 Day Ultimate Teatox program that is a 2-step all natural detox. You’ll feel so refreshed! 


2. Weight Loss

Weightloss & Teatox

We’ve mentioned a detox flushes out nasty toxins and that includes the infamous sugar. Yes, we’ve categorized sugar as a toxin to your body because it holds you back from losing weight. A good detox will eliminate the bad sugar that triggers inflammation and interferes in long-term weight loss. An added bonus: the health of your liver that performs a vital metabolic process will be restored, which also helps in making long-term weight management easier. 


3. Improved Health of Body  

Improved Health of Body & Teatox

In the true fashion of “toxins”, they stress your organs leading to a decrease in their efficiency. Your immunity system is also lowered. However, through a cleanse it can reset your bodily processes and nurture your vital organs. Your immune system is strengthened and can now better combat foreign bodies, reducing the chance of infections and diseases. 


Side-effects of a Detox:  

Not everyone's detox process is the same and some may have a more uncomfortable process than others. Here are some of the things you may experience while on a detox. But don't worry, these are usually temporary & once you're done, you're going to feel so much better! 


1. Slight Tiredness

Low Energy Levels & Night Cleanse

We know we mentioned that after a detox, you’ll feel energized but as the saying goes, it’s hard before it gets easy and the detox process is no different. The feelings of lethargy and weakness are usually temporary as the body works to flush out toxins. 

To cope:  Ensure you get quality sleep each night and drink herbal teas that have calming properties. Our personal fave hack is drinking a cup of Night Cleanse 30 mins before going to bed to promote restful sleep while supporting natural detoxification. 


2. Slight Discomfort in Digestive tracks  

Digestive Problems & Morning Boost

During a cleanse as your body clears out your system, you may experience gassiness or increased frequency in your bathroom trips. Rest assured that it’s completely normal and your body’s way of removing the toxins. 

To cope:  Planning is most crucial to not let the detox process affect you too much. Make sure you start your detox during a comfortable period and when you have easy access to a bathroom. To regulate our detox days, we usually take a cup of Morning Boost 30 mins before breakfast. 


3. Increased Hunger 

Increased Hunger & Gummies

Usually during a detox, hunger would be a big side-effect experienced because you are now consuming less calories and your body is burning energy to excrete the toxins. This could even lead food cravings to arise. 

To cope:  Drink lots of water! Staying hydrated is key to controlling your hunger. Dehydration is also a common side-effect of a cleanse and often can be mistaken for hunger. If you desperately need some sweetness, give these Gummies a try, they are tasty and only 10 calories per serving. So worth it!  


Main Takeaway

Going on a proper detox is so beneficial for your body. It can give your body a recharge to restore its efficiency. But please take the necessary steps to prepare for it so you get the best results out of your cleanse. Happy Detoxing!