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Unhealthy Habits? Crush Them The SkinnyMint Way!

Unhealthy Habits? Crush Them The SkinnyMint Way!

Always starting on new weight loss routines but never sticking to them? Girl, we feel you a 100% on that, and lockdown ain’t helping at all either! Switching back and forth between routines can shock your body, affecting your body’s detox process and indigestion. Take it one step at a time, and start with kicking those bad habits to make way for more wholesome ones! Here are 3 common habits that we’ve definitely all experienced (guilty as charged!), and how to crush them to get a step closer to those dreamy abs.

You Can’t Stop Snacking

It’s the late afternoon and you’re starting to feel a little restless as you reach out for a chip, followed by another one...and another...because one just isn’t enough. Munching on unhealthy processed foods such as potato chips is the main issue here, not the act of snacking! Weight loss is all about consuming fewer calories than you burn, and chowing down on empty calories that bring your body barely any nutritional value is not the way to go.

Switch it up: Try out our 28 Day Teatox to help flush out any harmful toxins from processed snacks! Have a cup of our Morning Boost tea in the morning, paired with a Night Cleanse tea before bed every other night. Pair it with our Super Fat Burning Gummies Duo for a healthy low-cal snack! Have 2 of our Power Up Gummies in the morning for a little energy boost, and another 2 Hunger Buster Gummies for a guilt-free afternoon snack. We love ourselves a complete detox!


You’re Too Busy To Keep Healthy

Your schedule is packed and you’re always rushing, and meal-prepping has been a total fail as you just can’t seem to find the time to do so. You often settle for quick meals such as cup ramen, or greasy takeaway meals because they’re easy and fill you up. But girl, we’re telling you that you aren’t doing yourself any good with that! Unhealthy processed foods often have lower satiety scores, as they are not as effective in keeping you full, which may lead to bigger portions and also unhealthy snacking habits. 

Switch it up: Try out some healthy food swaps for a balanced low-cal meal, they are actually way less complicated than you think they are and also super yummy! Have a cup of our favourite matcha drink, the Green Cleansing Elixir, before your meals for an extra dose of greens and superfoods for a wholesome meal!

The Main Takeaway

Main Takeaway

Working towards your weight loss goals is actually way simpler than you make it out to be! Your bad habits are not all that bad, you just gotta know how to tweak it a little to fit your goals, and focus on taking baby steps instead of drastic changes that aren’t sustainable in the long run. Everyone’s weight loss journey is completely different so take your time to figure it out babe!