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SkinnyMint 101: When To Take Our Products?

SkinnyMint 101: When To Take Our Products?

We know, reaching your dream body goals - be it whether to lose weight or just to become healthier and fitter - can be an extremely long and tiresome journey. But don’t worry about that, we’re here to help! 

Getting in shape doesn’t have to be that tough, as long as you’re smart about it and take the right supplements for your goals at the right time of the day, which also plays an important part in your journey. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a 24-hour cheat sheet with our all-star SkinnyMint products, to help guide you on when’s the best time to take each of our products, to further maximize and boost your results with our products! 

Doing An Intermittent Fast?

Here’s how you can use maximize your results with SkinnyMint products.

When Should I Take It:


On A Keto Diet?

Here are the products that are great to incorporate into your diet. 

Great for hydration:

Snack replacement:

Nutri Fix:


      The Main Takeaway

      Always remember that you need to create a routine that works best for your lifestyle and goals, for it to be sustainable and effective in the long run. Feel free to tweak the above timeline wherever it’s necessary, to fit your own personal schedule. 

      If you don’t know which product is suitable for your personal goals, we’ve put together some routines to help you get that flat tummy and crush those cravings! You could even try to spice things up with some simple food pairings, to maximize your SkinnyMint products.

      Get your dream body!

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