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Which Products Should You Take?

Which Products Should You Take?

Let’s be honest, it’s easy to buy supplements to reach our goals faster, but lasting through the program? It may be harder than you think. Here at SkinnyMint, we’ve formulated and designed our programs to suit your different lifestyles and different goals, so you can pick and choose whatever works best for you!


Goal: Detox & Cleanse!

If You're...


1. On-The-Go & Need Some Caffeine

A great coffee substitute that is a great boost of energy with less caffeine (70mg) than your regular cup of coffee (about 95mg). This all-natural tea blend boasts superfruits like cherries and pomegranate that are rich in antioxidants, and also contains more than half your daily Vitamin C needs. Talk about an all-in-one detox tea! 


2. Glued To Your Desk Job

 Try: 28 Day Teatox
Get an ultimate kickstart with a cup of Morning Boost to power you through the day. Do you have the tendency to feel bloated because you don’t get to move around as much? It’s easy to end up sitting down for long periods of time when you’re busy and focused on getting the work done. A cup of Night Cleanse every other evening will help you get rid of that oh-so-uncomfortable bloat. Tip: Level up with our Super Cleanse Bundle to keep your gut healthy!  


3. Stuck At A Weight-Loss Plateau

So you’ve cut all the calories you can cut, you don’t snack, you exercise whenever you can, but you’re still not reaching your goals. Sometimes, it’s the bloat, not the weight that you’re trying to lose. A cup of Night Cleanse every other evening will help you reduce that bloat and be one step closer to that flat tummy you want. Bonus? Night Cleanse works its detox magic while you’re catching up on the ZZZs. 


4. Busy But Still Need 'Em Vitamins

Say goodbye to juicing with this plant-based green cleanse. Conveniently combining the benefits of 22 all-natural superfoods with active probiotics, support your gut health and overall immunity with this all-in-one-scoop cleanse. Use the spare time you save on prep work for other things that you really want to do!


Goal: Cut Calories, Curb Cravings

If You're...


1. Always Munching on Snacks

Try: Super Fat Burning Gummies

You’ve had your lunch, but you can’t resist reaching out for the bag of chips or that chocolate bar right about 3pm when you’re starting to feel a little less energetic. We get it. Reach out for our Super Fat Burning Gummies to satisfy your snack cravings! At only 11 calories per serving, these cute little hearts are formulated with ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia that help to curb your other pesky cravings. 


2. Overeating During Meals

1 shot, 3 times a day, 30 minutes before meals. Super Lean Shots are formulated with a clinically-proven dietary fiber that expands in your stomach so you feel fuller faster, and so, you feel less inclined to eat more than what you really should. This soluble fiber supports a healthy digestion and at only 4 calories per shot, these tasty strawberry and honey-ginger flavored shots also contain a unique vitamin and mineral blend.