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Model wearing Halloween costume and holding SkinnyMint 28 Day Teatox and Super Fat Burning Gummies

5 SkinnyMint Urban Legends Debunked

Who doesn't enjoy listening to urban legends during Halloween? There's nothing like sitting around with a bunch of your friends and discussing scary myths and stories closely related to reality. It's the perfect way to get everyone in the Halloween spirit!

However, there are some urban legends that need to be debunked because they can cause more harm than good by leaving the realm of fiction and crossing over into the world of reality. Misinformation isn't fun when it affects your diet, body, and overall lifestyle!

So, together, let's shoo a few scary misconceptions away. Here are 5 SkinnyMint urban legends that need to be debunked because us girlies need to stay healthy, happy, and well-informed this Halloween. Time to wear your “mythbuster” cap!

Urban Legend #1: Green Cleansing Elixir tastes terrible — DEBUNKED

Model drinking Green Cleansing Elixir, a smoothie bowl made of Green Cleansing Elixir and blueberries

The first urban legend on our list is one that concerns the probiotic green goddess of SkinnyMint's herbal blends — the Green Cleansing Elixir! It's an unfortunate misconception believed by many that all green teas, matcha drinks, and protein powders taste terrible and that the Green Cleansing Elixir is no exception to this rule.

This couldn't be further from the truth, so don't ghost this clean, green, and lean machine! The Green Cleansing Elixir is made with a special blend of 22 superfoods and probiotics, including matcha green tea, spirulina, and kale, that gives you a delicious and refreshing way to cleanse your system, improve your gut health, and boost your immunity. 

Sure, tastes are subjective — we all can agree upon that. One person might not like the taste of the Green Cleansing Elixir on its own (i.e. just a scoop of it with a glass of cold water), but another one might. We have a solution for you, though, so that you can reap the benefits of our potent green probiotic blend no matter what.

All you have to do is simply mix the Green Cleansing Elixir with your favorite smoothie or juice for a tasty and healthy drink that will help you reach your fitness goals. Just add one scoop of the powder to your blender along with the rest of your ingredients, and voilà! You have a delicious way to cleanse your system and get all the probiotic benefits of matcha green tea, spirulina, açaí berry, turmeric, and kale. Easy peasy.

But that's not all, the Green Cleansing Elixir is also fantastic for cooking and baking! Check out our healthy green pancakes recipe as well as our list of green superfood brekkies that'll make your taste buds jump for joy. You can also add a scoop to your healthy mug cakes, muffins, or morning oatmeal for an extra probiotic and nutrient-rich punch. Can you taste the deliciousness already? We knew we could convert you!

So, the next time someone tells you that the Green Cleansing Elixir tastes terrible, you can confidently say that this urban legend has been debunked.

Urban Legend #2: Detoxing will cause extreme diarrhea — DEBUNKED

Models posing with SkinnyMint 28 Day Teatox

Number two (pun intended) on our list is the belief that detoxing with SkinnyMint's herbal teas will cause extreme diarrhea. This is false — it's time to poo-sh this misconception away for good!

While it's true that you may experience some gastrointestinal discomfort when you first start your detox, this is because your body is simply getting rid of all the toxins and waste that have built up over time. Once your body has flushed out all the gunk, you'll feel much better. It's also important to drink plenty of fluids, eat light meals, rest frequently, and sleep well while you detox to give your digestive system a break.

Additionally, one of the purposes of detoxing is to induce regular bowel movements, reduce bloating, and promote a healthier digestive tract — these are all good things that might jazz up your tummy a bit! So, if you're experiencing frequent trips to the loo while on your SkinnyMint detox, don't sweat it (literally). It's perfectly normal and is actually a sign that the detox is working.

Furthermore, SkinnyMint's detox teas are gentle and natural, so they won't cause any extreme or long-lasting gastrointestinal side effects. In fact, they'll actually improve your gut health! Of course, if you're ever in doubt or feel like you're not tolerating the tea well, please consult with your healthcare provider.

You can check out this article on what to expect during a detox for more tips on how to make the most out of your cleansing journey. Trust us, it's worth it!

Urban Legend #3: Super Lean Shots contain lots of sugar and that's why they make you feel full — DEBUNKED

Two women posing with Super Lean Shots

Let's take a shot at the third urban legend on our list, which is the assumption that the Super Lean Shots contain lots of sugar and that's why they make you feel full. This is another myth — the Super Lean Shots make you feel full and curb your cravings not because they contain sugar, but because every shot contains 1000mg of glucomannan, a clinically proven dietary fiber.

So, what makes the Super Lean Shots sweet? Sucralose —  a zero-calorie (phew!) artificial sweetener that is made from actual sugar but doesn't have a weird aftertaste (instead, with our shots, you get to enjoy the lovely flavors of strawberry and honey-ginger).

In addition to glucomannan, the Super Lean Shots also contain Ginkgo Biloba extract and Korean Ginseng, two natural ingredients that have been traditionally used for their cognitive-enhancing, immunity-boosting, and energy level-increasing benefits. 

So, if you ever get the urge to go for those cheat meals, encounter a little bloating, or need an afternoon pick-me-up, reach for a Super Lean Shot instead of sugary energy drinks or coffee. That's another myth busted!

Urban Legend #4: SkinnyMint's detox teas cause stomach cramps and tummy troubles — DEBUNKED

Models posing with SkinnyMint herbal detox teas.

On to number four! This urban legend is the belief that SkinnyMint's detox teas cause stomach cramps and tummy troubles. Once again, this is a myth — while you may experience some gastrointestinal discomfort when you first start your detox (as we mentioned in urban legend number two), this is because your body is simply getting rid of all the toxins and waste.

Additionally, while our herbal products do suppress your appetite and curb cravings, you'll be pleased to know that they don't contain any harsh laxatives. However, some users might experience some mild cramping due to hunger — since everyone's appetites are different — but this will quickly pass as your body adjusts to the natural detox and a calorie deficit

Thus, as you shift your diet towards a healthier path, you might notice your stomach acting up a bit because it is using fewer calories but getting rid of more toxins. This is perfectly normal and will subside as your body gets used to the change. Just make sure to drink plenty of fluids and sleep well while you detox to give your body both the energy and rest it needs in order to stay healthy.

Urban Legend #5: SkinnyMint blends and supplements are only for those who wish to lose weight — DEBUNKED

Women posing with Super Lean Shots and 28 Day Teatox

Last but not least, we come to the fifth and final urban legend on our list: the myth that SkinnyMint's blends and supplements are only for those who want to lose weight. Once again, this is untrue! Let's debunk this together.

While it's accurate that many of our products are designed for maximizing weight loss, they also have a host of other benefits that can help improve your health in general.

For example, our Night Cleanse Tea is not only excellent at boosting your metabolism, reducing bloating, and gently cleansing your system, but it can also help you sleep better. Additionally, our Detox Cherry Bomb blend is not only great for detoxing, but it's also packed with antioxidants, vitamins (particularly Vitamin C), and minerals that can help improve your skin health, strengthen your immunity, and increase your energy levels.

So, whether you're looking to shed those pounds naturally or just want to improve your overall health, SkinnyMint's herbal blends and supplements can help you reach your goals. We've got you, babe! The goal is to discover better nutrition and fitness, and that can happen in many different ways, not just by shedding pounds.

Indeed, this Halloween, you can indulge (moderately!) in candies and treats and bounce back soon afterward without any worries — we've got your back with our metabolism-boosting and bloating-reducing teas and supplements.

Happy SkinnyMint sipping...and happy spooky season!