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5 Healthy Habits You Should Incorporate Into Your Busy Schedule

5 Healthy Habits You Should Incorporate Into Your Busy Schedule

Here’s something we can all relate to: when it comes to being healthy, sometimes life just gets in the way. Rather than cooking ourselves a hearty breakfast, we pour ourselves a bowl of cereal or make a run to the nearest Starbucks before work. Our high hopes of sustaining a healthier lifestyle can easily be de-prioritized amid a hectic work schedule, and more often than not, it is inevitable for us to want to choose the quicker option while putting our health second.  

Let’s take a step back and assess why we just can’t seem to sustain a consistent healthy lifestyle: It all comes down to how we start our day. It is imperative that we have a strong and clear mind so that we can remain focused on our priorities.

Habit #1: Don't Snack, Eat Meals

Grain bowl

At first, eating 3 meals was simple (thank you mom!). However, as you get older, you tend to eat whenever you have time. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to eat a full meal. When you’re so busy with work, you may even forget to eat your lunch! We tend to snack on our work desks without being fully aware of how much we’re consuming. Try to avoid consuming food with little nutritional value, and focus on eating full, hearty meals!

Studies have also shown that snacking in between meals may only briefly satisfy your hunger, but it doesn’t mean that the calories in your next meal will be compensated. Bottom line? Snacking just results in you increasing your calorie intake overall. Therefore, it might contribute to weight gain. Prep your meals to save time! If you have leftovers from dinner, save it and bring it to work the next day.

Check out Refinery29’s article on the Best Grain Bowl Recipes. These bowls are easy to make and meal prep!

Habit #2: Turn Off Your Technology


We spend a lot of time on our phones, TVs, and laptops. Consider turning your phone off for a few hours on the weekends and use this time to relax and unwind. Smartphones may keep us connected to the rest of the world, but they also distract us from what’s closest to us in our lives. You learn to appreciate what’s around you, and that’s a healthy habit to develop! 

Habit #3: Stick to the Real Deal

Real Deal

Sometimes, rather than making a healthy omelette for breakfast, you decide to get a breakfast burger from McDonald’s because it’s quick and delicious. However, who said these “quick fixes” can only be limited to fast food? Making a hearty breakfast may require a bit of preparation and a some time to cook, but so does going to a cafe or a fast food restaurant, ordering your breakfast to-go, and waiting. If you still think that going over to McDonald’s will save you time, then prepare overnight oats the night before. You save time, and you can eat your healthy breakfast straight from the fridge!

The bottom line is to stick to the real deal—no fast food, just real, wholesome foods like fruits, vegetables and unprocessed meats. Challenge yourself to try this out for a week, and see if it’s manageable! You might be surprised by how easy this may be. There are many quick recipes online to help you with this! If you’re not a fan of cooking. Try substituting processed/fast food choices with healthier alternatives. 

Habit #4: HIIT Workouts


If you’re looking for a fun and quick workout that requires little to no equipment, try out High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This kind of workout lasts up to an hour at most, and burns MORE fat in LESS time! If you are looking for a gym-free alternative, try out BodyBoss Method! The at-home workout programme only requires 24 minutes of your day, 3 times a week – great for squeezing in a good workout in a time-crunch! 

Habit #5: Cut Down On Coffee

Morning Boost

Coffee seems like the best option when we need to stay focused and alert, but try to substitute this beverage with SkinnyMint’s Morning Boost tea. It contains caffeine, as well as other antioxidants and serves as a better alternative to help detoxify your body. Apart from this, remember to keep an insulated water bottle around! Bring it everywhere with you and try to drink 3 bottles of water a day. Studies show that dehydration leads to a loss of concentration, so make sure you hydrate to stay on top of things! 

Here at SkinnyMint, we created our Morning Boost Tea because it is our goal to help provide the energy and mental stimulation needed to kickstart everyone’s day. Consider trying our teas before you proceed with implementing these new habits and you may notice that it is easier to stick to a consistent healthy lifestyle! After all, shouldn’t we all strive to achieve more, be healthier, and live better? 

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