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3 Signs Your Body Needs A Detox - PRONTO!

3 Signs Your Body Needs A Detox - PRONTO!

If you know us, you’ll know that detox is something we live, breathe and drink. We’re always up for a good ol’ detox, because it means getting to enjoy our fave morning and night teas while feeling refreshed and bloat-free — what’s not to love?! Okay but first, let’s get down to the basics and let you in on all there is to know about detox!


What Is Detox?

What Is A Detox Gif

Having a detox is all about cleansing and flushing your body of its impurities and toxins, that come from potentially harmful substances that you come into contact with during the day. These substances can be as common as pollutants in the air and ingredients in processed foods!


Do You Need A Detox?  

1. Bloating Up?

Bloating Up Gif

You know that uncomfortable queasy feeling you get in your tummy that makes it appear abnormally huge? It’s alright babe, bloating is a totally natural and common process, especially when toxins are trapped in your body! Try flushing them out with a full body cleanse — we know one that’s really yummy *winks*!


2. Breaking Out?

Breaking Out Gif

Getting acne breakouts are the absolute worst, especially when you’ve been diligently doing your nightly skincare. But it may not be about your skincare routine, but more of the overload of bodily toxins that’s released through sweat. This may cause your skin to freak out — which means it’s time for your fave 28 Day Teatox to step in for some extra help!


3. Constantly Tired?

Feeling Tired Gif

Always feeling drained and sluggish even though you’ve been getting enough rest? Well babe, the buildup of toxins in your body suppresses your energy levels, so it may just be a sign that your body desperately needs to detox. Get rid of all of ‘em nasties in your body ASAP, with our 2-step Teatox program that also gives you that extra boost of energy you need!


Checking the boxes to all of the above? Girl your body needs a detox, stat!


Detox The Right Way!

If your body is calling out for a detox, you’re in luck because our all-natural 28 Day Teatox program is just what your body needs for that extra detox push. Getting into a detox routine even helps support a healthy digestive system, and may also accelerate weight loss! 

Just a glass of Morning Boost tea in the morning and a Night Cleanse tea every other night, together with a balanced diet (get those greens and hydrate!) and an active lifestyle and you’re all set for an all-natural full body cleanse!


Detox Cherry Bomb

No time for a 2-step? Try Detox Cherry Bomb - a one-step superfruit detox tea with all-natural, effective ingredients to give you a cleanse and more! Each cherry-flavored cup gives you not only an antioxidant boost, but also a morning energy boost to power you through the day. Did we mention? Each cup also gives you more than half of your daily recommended Vitamin C needs. Talk about the ultimate convenience!